About Us

We are a gang of tech enthusiast with deep-rooted experience in consumer electronics, the streets, and how to maximize merchandising knowledge. We take pride in being Hip Hop’s sole destination for all things tech. After all, it is Hip Hop culture that has played a pivotal role in the early adoption of various consumer electronic gadgets. The tech gang takes pride in providing Generation Y users with high-quality products, a unique shopping experience no one can match, and low prices deals.

We have integrated blockchain technology into our innovative-inspired shopping platform. TechThisOut.Shop combines both years of our research and development, eCommerce, retail experience, and most of all understanding of ‘the culture”.

Our Motto

We are Humanizing the Hottest Technology into Everyday Life.

Our Slogan

Tech Gadgets That Are Really Dope!

Our Culture

Hip Hop culture has always been fueled by the inner city, the passion of the people, and the voice of those who did not have a platform. At the center of today’s movement is technology- which has shaped, influenced, and empowered “The Culture!”. TechThisOut has and will continue to be the vehicle that gives a platform to the undiscovered as well a stage for those already making moves in tech, music, and pop culture.

Our Partners

Tech This Out is proud to work with an ever-growing roster of diverse suppliers that are at least 51% owned, controlled, and operated by people of color, women, LGBTQ or persons with disabilities.

Each of our partners, in their own way, helps us champion diversity and inclusion—the goal is to deliver unique, dynamic experiences for our customer.

We partner with the following national groups and more to further our initiatives and help us develop diverse supplier relationships: