By Midbar Co., Ltd.

Best of Innovation

Human Security for All

AirFarm is the world’s first inflatable farm that enables food production anytime, anywhere. Without heavy and costly steel frames, this farm is designed to be sturdy but lightweight. AirFarm converts moisture from the air into water in real-time. It recirculates the moisture produced by crops back to the roots, making it the world’s first farm that operates without water infrastructure. Remarkably, it slashes water requirements by 99% versus traditional farming and 90% against vertical farming competitors. This innovative approach revolutionizes the paradigm of water use, pioneering the future of food security with sustainability and efficiency at its core. Setting up AirFarm takes just half a day and it easily passes through doors and elevators without heavy machinery. This innovative feature makes it ideal for immediate food production in disaster-stricken areas, refugee camps, and developing nations, thereby contributing to food security for vulnerable populations. While current agricultural systems are limited to pre-planned spaces, AirFarm offers the flexibility to grow food in any existing indoors. Its deflatable design even opens new horizons for food security in space.

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