Anker SOLIX Solarbank E1600

Anker SOLIX Solarbank E1600

By Anker Innovations


Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy

The Anker SOLIX Solarbank E1600 allows consumers to maximize their solar power collection by storing electricity generated from solar panels. With Solarbank, self-consumption rate of a solar panel system rises to 90%, double the industry average. After 15 years of use, consumers can save over $2900 on their electricity bills.
The Solarbank’s LFP battery cells provide power for 15 years, twice the industry average. Components are made with industrial-grade materials, and the exterior is IP65 water and dust protection.
The Solarbank is also compatible with an MC4 connector that works with 99% of solar panels and micro-inverters.

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