DX-M1: An AI Booster for Robotic Applications

DX-M1: An AI Booster for Robotic Applications




Introducing DEEPX’s DX-M1, the AI booster chip designed specifically for a wide range of robotic applications. For cutting-edge Deep Neural Network algorithms, DX-M1 delivers industry-leading AI accuracy, empowering robots in consumer, industrial, machine vision, and smart mobility sectors with advanced AI capabilities. DX-M1 stands out with its ultra-low power consumption, ensuring prolonged battery life for uninterrupted performance. Furthermore, its versatile M.2 interface card compatibility ensures seamless integration into any embedded system. Combined with DEEPX’s easy-to-use DXNN® software development kit, DX-M1 offers effortless deployment and optimization for businesses looking to employ AI in their Edge devices.

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