HEALTHKETCH, AI based digital healthcare system

HEALTHKETCH, AI based digital healthcare system

By Moadata Co, Ltd


Digital Health

HEALTHKETCH’ is a personalized digital healthcare system that can detect health abnormalities using our patented multi-modal artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection technology.

‘HEALTHKETCH’ is not a simple wearable body data monitoring system, but collects health information through the National Health Insurance Service API and analyzes the national comprehensive health checkup information that all Korean citizens over 30 years of age must undergo, then anonymizes/pseudonymizes the information. It is based on one result.

The analyzed results are combined with real-time biometric information measured from smart rings and smart bands incorporating our IoT technology, and by simply wearing a smart ring or smart band, you are notified that there is a health problem in your daily life and that your health is improved accordingly. We provide information and health guides such as exercise methods and health supplements for management.

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