Ixana’s Wi-R: 100x lower power 4Mbps chip for wearables

Ixana's Wi-R: 100x lower power 4Mbps chip for wearables

By Ixana


Embedded Technologies

Ixana’s invention, the Wi-R communication chip reduces energy consumption by 100x compared to radiative wireless technologies like BLE, Wi-Fi, cellular, Zigbee, and Z-Wave, enabling a paradigm shift in wearable technology. Compared to wireless such as BLE, Wi-R also offers lower latency, higher speed, lower errors and offers seamless co-existence with any GHz wireless. Our 4Mbps YR22 Wi-R chip unleashes the potential of continuous charging-free body-worn health monitoring, video streaming for extended reality, and intuitive human-computer interaction. By enabling complex algorithms to run via distributed computing on battery-powered devices, Wi-R pioneers a new era of ubiquitous computing with seamless connectivity and is of special interest to the following markets: AR/VR, Audio, Physically secure electronics, automotive, healthcare and medical sensors, smartphones and wearables.

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