Light Tile for Transparent Door

Light Tile for Transparent Door



Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

“The FORVIA Light Tile for transparent door technology provides see-through view on door panels and creates extended window effect to vehicle occupants. It offers advanced driving assistant information in a new way, improves user experience, and enhances safety in the vehicle journey.

If any risk is detected before opening the door, the information will appear through transparent door to help occupants to react in darkness or critical conditions where the human eye may not see properly and respond fast enough.

The FORVIA Light Tile enabled by DesignLED is integrated in the door panel upper area, displaying the vehicle environment, and bringing the outside atmosphere into the vehicle interior.

By using the existing E-Mirror camera and Image distortion algorithm, FORVIA re-uses existing proven technology, bringing it to the next level and adding more value to the full system. The flexible tile technology is thin and provides edge-to-edge homogeneity while allowing a scalable system of shape, size, resolution, and light output as well as using it for more use cases like dynamic ambient surface lighting.”

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