Next-Gen Digital Health: AI-Powered Digital Biomarker

Next-Gen Digital Health: AI-Powered Digital Biomarker



Digital Health

Imagine diagnosing neuromuscular disorders in under 2 minutes with a small, pebble-sized wearable.
Introducing our latest product, AI-Powered Digital Biomarker: MFI revolutionizes the diagnosis of neuromuscular and central nervous system diseases by directly analyzing neuromuscular bio-signals at their origin, the motor nerve.

This cutting-edge AI-powered digital health technology addresses critical drawbacks  in conventional assessments by:
 1) eliminating dependency on patient condition,
 2) lowering labor intensity and cost,
 3) enabling remote monitoring.

As easy as using a thermometer, this product elevates neuromuscular disorder diagnosis to a higher standard, offering safety, efficiency, standardization, and patient-friendliness that benefits both patients and healthcare professionals.

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