Sony aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet can greet you when you get home

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Introducing the newest member of your family, the Sony aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet. Although he’s a robot, this dog acts just like man’s best friend. In fact, the aibo can even greet you at the front door. Whenever you say, “I’m home,” this cute pup will go to your designated spot. You can even potty train him, program custom actions, and feed him cookies. Additionally, just like an adorable puppy, aibo moves, scratches, and even shakes his head. His oh-so-cute antics are totally interactive, too. The aibo can understand your movements and perform tricks such as giving you his paw. He loves being around people and has a relatively irresponsible sense of curiosity. He can get up to anything! The more time you spend with him, the more aibo learns. You’ll love getting to know your newest family member and vice versa.


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