Prophesee Genx320 MetaVision Sensor

Prophesee Genx320 MetaVision Sensor

By Prophesee


Embedded Technologies

The Genx320 Metavision® sensor is the world’s smallest and most power-efficient event-based sensor, enabling intelligence, autonomy and safety for consumer devices. It is the first vision sensor to enable the breakthrough neuromorphic ‘event-based vision’ on low-power Edge vision-enabled devices. It directly addresses the power (microwatt), latency (microsecond time resolution) and dynamic range (>120dB) requirements of Edge devices.. The Genx320 also improves integrability and usability of event-based vision in embedded systems for uses in:
•    AR/VR/XR
•    Eye tracking
•    Gesture recognition
•    Al  and Machine Learning
•    Always on cameras
•    Wearables
•    Smart Home

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